Bespoke Glass Art Designed to Your Specification

Items made from glass are often created in similar designs, making it difficult to find a piece that is exactly what you want. At Glassmonkey Studio, we have the solution. Our experienced glass makers craft bespoke glass art that is individually designed to your specifications. This allows us to create items that match your ideas and suit your style and taste.

A Proven Process

In order to create the studio glass items, we require coloured and clear glass, glass powders, and types of metal inclusions. They are pieced together and then fired in a kiln heated up to 850 degrees to create a solid piece of glass. This glass is then shaped using various moulds and formers to create the item you require, such as a bowl or plate. We are able to produce pieces for homes, offices, and businesses, while we can also craft coloured glass windows and sterling silver jewellery.


Hosting a Consultation

To make sure that we understand exactly what you are looking for, we will arrange a consultation. During this meeting, we will discuss your ideas before coming up with a plan and later creating the piece. Everything is handmade and hand-finished using diamond pads to make sure all edges are smooth.