We are open from Wednesday to Saturday from 10.00 until 16.30

We are currently adding dates for our Glass Fusing, Enamelling and Silver Clay Workshops. Please go to our workshops and Courses page for more details and available dates or contact the studio to make a booking or to arrange a date.

Decorative Glass Pieces Crafted by Hand

Decorative Glass Pieces Crafted by Hand

Decorative Glass Pieces Crafted by Hand

Handcrafting Bespoke Glass Items

glass makers decorative glass

Unique Glass Items

Whether you are looking for unique pieces of crockery and tableware or an attractive piece of art for your wall, choose our bespoke items made from studio glass.

glass makers decorative glass

Fused Glass Creations

Our experienced glass makers are able to create stunning ornaments using the finest fused glass. Additionally, we host glass cutting classes for our customers.


Sterling Silver Jewellery

The 1711 range consists of various pieces of beautiful jewellery made from sterling silver. Many of these pieces are adorned with fused glass or precious gems.

About Us

Brighten up your home or business with our selection of bespoke, decorative glass items. At Glassmonkey Studio, our experienced glass makers produce bespoke items handcrafted from attractive glass. Comprising many strong, bright colours and eye-catching designs, our glass items are a fun, funky, and unique addition to your interior. We work closely with each customer to ensure that their piece is crafted in line with their style and design requirements. Glassmonkey Studio is proud to be a member of Visit Lancashire and work with Pendle Heritage Centre.